Saascharge is pleased to announce the addition of Ryan Adelman to our advisory board with a focus on supporting our entry to the North American market.

Ryan is a commercial leader with over 15-years of experience building businesses in the distributed energy, transportation, and energy data services markets. Ryan is focused on the intersection of electric transport, smart buildings, and the electricity grid – working with companies positioned to capitalize on this dramatic and complex market transformation. As well, Ryan works with companies serving Commercial and Industrial customers with energy data analytics and IOT-enabled applications like predictive maintenance, connected consumer, smart warehouse, and smart transportation.

Recently as an Executive Sales Director for Centrica Business Solutions, Ryan helped build a multi-hundred-million-dollar distributed energy services business in North America including solutions across the energy spectrum (solar, energy storage, CHP, VPP, DR, wholesale energy trading, and energy analytics). Ryan also worked with several, early-stage energy technology companies helping commercialize IP, scale operations, build partnerships, and raise capital. Ryan held business development and corporate strategy roles with Siemens Mobility and Building Technologies businesses in North America.

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