Saascharge eRoaming enables seamless interconnection between charging station operators (CSOs) and eMobility providers (EMPs) that serve EV drivers. Our EV service platform manages authorization protocols and financial clearing between CSOs and EMPs. This solution is open to any charging station networks (CSOs) or eMobility providers (EMPs). It is based on the international Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) standard, used by major EV charging networks, and integrates with leading hubs such as Hubject and Gireve.

eRoaming module functionalities

The Saascharge eRoaming solution facilitates the interconnection of charging station operators (CSOs) and eMobility providers (EMPs) using the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI), Hubject, and Gireve (see list of current eRoaming charging networks). This interoperability system enables connections with eMobility providers (linking EV drivers to your charging stations) or other charging station operators. By connecting your network and establishing contractual and billing relationships, you maintain control over the commercial relationships, while we manage the connectivity and financial clearing.

  1. Access and connection to other EV charging networks: Authorisation management between service providers (CSO & EMP)
  2. Contract management between service providers (CSO & EMP)
  3. Pricing management for incoming or outgoing eRoaming
  4. Financial clearing between service providers (Billing collection)

This is supported by APIs to interconnect any potential external charging station operator (CSO) or eMobility provider (EMP)

1. Authorization management – Access and connection to other EV charging networks

Saascharge connects any EV charging network directly or through third parties:

  • Integration of other networks directly via OCPI or through third-party hubs such as Hubject (OCPI) or Gireve.

  • Transaction authorization management between EV drivers (EMPs) and charging station operators (CSOs or EMPs).

2. Contract management between Charging Station Operator (CSO) or eMobility Provider (EMP)

We provide global access to EV charging networks and support the setup of contracts for our customers:

  • Contract Management: We handle the signing, adaptation, and updating of eRoaming agreements for incoming (CPO to EMP) and outgoing (EMP to CPO) agreements.
  • Pricing Negotiation: We negotiate pricing on behalf of our customers based on our global portfolio.
  • Wholesale Buying Conditions: We offer access to other networks at wholesale costs.

3. eRoaming Pricing Managment for Charging Station Operator (CSO) or eMobility Provider (EMP)

The eRoaming Pricing Management system encompasses mechanisms for displaying and managing all pricing components from external Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Providers (EMPs). Key functionalities include:

  • All pricing types management: Adaptable to different regulations or capabilities (OCPI or OCIP protocols)
  • Display eRoaming prices: Provides a comprehensive view of all wholesale pricing options.
  • Wholesale pricing management: Incoming (CPO) and Outgoing (EMP) pricing management tailored to specific pricing demands (Dynamic or Fix pricing)

4. Financial Clearing: eRoaming billing process between EMPs and CSOs

eRoaming financial clearing involves managing the collection and payment of funds between Charging Station Operators (CSO or CPO) and eMobility Providers (EMP). Saascharge acts as a processor in this billing process, which includes the following:

  • Money collection (Cash in) from external eMobility Providers (invoicing).
  • Payment management to all external Charging Station Operators (paying).



    • Open platform with interconnection to any possible charging networks
    • More revenues thanks to charging utilization increase
    • EV drivers can charge anywhere thanks to interconnection to any charging stations
    • Access to 300,000 charging station accross the world with eRoaming partner Hubject

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