Saascharge eRoaming allows the interconnection of charging station operators/networks (CSO) with eMobility providers (EMP) selling services to EV drivers. The EV service platform does manage the authorisation protocol and financial clearing between charging station operators (CSO) and eMobility providers (EMP). This open solution will be open to any other charging station networks (CSO) or any EV driver eMobility providers (EMP).


  • Interconnection of any charging station operators (CSO) and eMobility providers (EMP)
  • API to interconnect any potential external charging station operator (CSO) or eMobility provider (EMP)
  • Authorisation management between services providers
  • Financial clearing between service providers


  • Open platform with interconnection to any possible charging networks
  • More revenues thanks to charging utilization increase
  • EV drivers can charge anywhere thanks to interconnection to any charging stations