Saascharge eMobility provider module allows you to create your charging service for EV Drivers. It means that you can become a service provider, commercialise your EV service and benefit from charging revenue directly. Your drivers can charge to any charging station network connected to the Saascharge eRoaming platform. The solution is a full set of customisable white-label applications such as Smartphone and subscription portal for Driver consumers that you can customise.


  • EV driver smartphone application with Whitelabel customization (Logo, colour) for EV drivers subscription management
  • Access to eRoaming platform which gives access to multiple Charging Station Networks
  • Smart pricing concepts Pricing (per user group, charging network, type of charging stations) and multiple pricing types (per session, kWh and per minute with timer)
  • Multiple payment capabilities with direct payment: Pay as you go (PAYG), Pre-Pay with an interactive wallet and digital voucher/coupon
  • Manage your revenue (Invoicing) directly with your own credit card account
  • API Interfaces with external ERP for billing and accounting
  • Geographical charging station coordinates for application and vehicle GPS
  • QR Direct guest webpage option for a charging solution without application download requirements

eMobility Provider Access control methods

The Saascharge eMobility Provider solution supports multiple access methods, enabling EV drivers to start and stop charging transactions. Whether you are managing registered subscribers or providing services for occasional users, our platform offers various access options to ensure the best user experience. These include a Whitelabel Smartphone Application, Web Application, and RFID cards for the best user experience.

White label Smartphone application

The Whitelabel Smartphone application allows your company to manage EV driver subscriptions directly. This app primarily enables EV consumers to locate chargers, start & stop charging sessions, and manage their accounts. You can set specific pricing conditions (price lists) or provide access authorization to Public chargers (e.g., commercial chargers at shopping malls, parking lots, leisure parks), Semi-public chargers (e.g., company chargers), or Private chargers (e.g., residential parking) for your customers. EV drivers can register a payment method directly with your company and choose from pay-as-you-go or pre-pay options, with promotional capabilities such as vouchers or other charging allowances.

1. Locate

2. Manage Payments

3. Start Charging

Web Application – QR Direct

The web application – QR Direct, is a contactless payment method designed for occasional users. EV drivers simply scan a QR code, which opens a web page allowing them to start a transaction by entering their payment details (such as credit cards or services like Google Pay or Apple Pay).

1. Read QR

2. Register a credit card, Google or Apple Pay

3. Start Charging


  • Direct revenue from EV driver charging
  • Smart pricing options (VPN, network-based)
  • Access to any kind of charging station network thanks eRoaming
  • Low investment with a flexible set of white label services

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