Names Definitions

Charging Station

The unit where an electric vehicle is charged. A Charging Station consists of one or more charging spots (EVSE).


Acronym for Charging Station

Charge Point

The Charge Point is the physical system where an electric vehicle can be charged. A Charge Point will have one or more connectors.


The term “Connector”, as used in OCPP specification, refers to an independently operated and managed electrical outlet on a Charge Point. This usually corresponds to a single physical connector, but in some cases, a single outlet may have multiple physical socket types and/or tethered cable/connector arrangements.


CDR: Charging Detail Records are the charging transaction detail that is produced after every charging process.

CPO (Operator)

Charge Point Operator: Mobility partner who operates the charging infrastructure. They are sometimes called CSO (Charging Station Operators too).

It is also called Charging Station Reseller (CSR).

Site Owner

Site Owner: Site owner are the owner of all charging stations.

EMP (Provider)

Electric Mobility (eMobility) Provider: Mobility partner who provides eMobility services to customers.


Charge Point Management System is the name of the Central System or back office controlling the Charging Points.


Electric Vehicle Contract: Contract between an EMP and a customer.


Electric Vehicle Contract Identifier


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment: EVSE is a synonym of Charging Point. EVSEID Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Identifier.


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Identifier. An EVSEID identifies a Charging Point.


Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an application protocol for communication between EV Charging Stations and a central management system, also known as a Charging Station network.


ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning

EV market players

EV market players represent all market players: Driver, EMP, eRoaming, CSO, Site owner and charging stations.


Machine to Machine are specific SIM cards used for data exchange between two machines. We do use these cards between Central System and Charging Stations.