Saascharge charging station operator module allows you to independently create and operate charging station networks. You can order any charging station hardware, install it yourself or mandate a service partner (electrician) and register it on the Saascharge CSO service module. Saascharge charging station management system is based on a suite of white-label services for the management and commercialisation of charging services. EV Drivers from any service provider connected to the open eRoaming can then access your charging network thanks to the EMP service modules (e.g. Smartphone application, RFID card, Plug and charge ISO15118…)

Cloud-based EV charging platform Management functionalities

  • Open Charging station hardware connection from any type of provider compatible with OCPP (Open charge point protocol)
  • Operation management console for service partner with interactive statistics
  • White-label commercial module to re-sell and manage site owners (parking owner)
  • Pricing management with the creation of multiple pricing plans for Site Owners
  • API catalog for open Billing interface integration to any type of market ERP or EMS (Energy Management System) 
  • Energy management: Distribute power across a group of chargers dynamically depending on usage with load balancing and determine a maximum power output per charger or group of chargers

EV Charging network operations

The operational console lets you monitor charging station statuses, perform preventive care, and troubleshoot issues. Key features include:

  • Dashboard: Monitor charging station transactions and availability
  • Status Management: Change the status of charging stations
  • Remote Management: Manage all OCPP parameters remotely
  • Alarm Notifications: Set and receive alarm notifications

EV Charging monitoring

Interactive Dashboard

Commercial EV charging network Management

Manage multiple roles to operate your multi-level customer structure with the following EV charging partner layers:

  • Charging Station Operator (CSO or CPO): Manages charging stations’ operational and commercial aspects
  • Site Owner: Oversees charging stations at multiple locations

  • Locations: Represent places where one or more chargers can be located

  • Charging Stations: The actual units where vehicles are charged

Energy Management System – Dynamic Load Management

The smart load distribution channel enables the grouping of chargers and management of the load per charging station. This solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Maximum Power Output: Set a maximum power output for individual chargers or groups of chargers.
  • Load Balancing: Dynamically distribute power across a group of chargers based on usage.
  • Automatic Limits: Manage maximum output with automatic limits based on overall usage, ensuring safe mode operation.
  • Scheduling Options: Provide load management with scheduling options by day and time of day.
  • Local Energy Management System Integration: Integrate with external Energy Management Systems to manage energy load based on on-site consumption.


  • Compatible to any type of charging stations supporting OCPP
  • Management cost reduction with self-service management possibilities.
  • Direct sale possibilities of charging station to site owners (e.g. Charging Station parking owner)
  • Charging revenue can be directly accounted with the Saascharge solution

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