Saascharge EV charging Products

The EV charging solution is based on a full set of modular services. You can choose to develop and operate an electric vehicle (EV) charging network with the Charging station operator (CSO) module. Interconnect your EV charging station network with the eRoaming module and offer electric vehicle charging services with the eMobility provider (EMP) module.
Charging Station Operator – CSO
Our solution allows companies to create and operate a network of charging stations for communities, retailers or corporate parkings.
eRoaming – Interoperability
Interconnection of charging station networks is essential to allow drivers to charge anywhere and charging station owners to get more utilization.
eMobility Service Provider – EV Driver
Charging solution for EV drivers with a full set of white-label services to create new business models in the charging industry.

API - EV Charging API portfolio

The Saascharge API (Application Programming Interface) catalog enables you to tailor your level of integration by customizing applications either on top of or alongside the Saascharge EV Charging platform.

EV charging network creation

Charging Station Operator

Charging Station Operation

System to Operate OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1 charging stations with interactive dashboard and operational console.

Pricing, Billing & Access Management

Manage authorisations, pricing plans and billing parameters accross different type of chargers and user groups.

Energy Management

This Smart Energy Distribution enables to balance power loads per group of charging stations.

Make your charging stations available

eRoaming Clearing Service

Connection to other networks

We connect to any network either through the Peer-to-Peer protocol OCPI or via our Hub partners, Hubject and Gireve.

eRoaming contract management

This includes access to any network thanks to our global incoming and outgoing eRoaming charging agreements.

Pricing Management

We support the pricing complexity of all EV charging networks, enabling various pricing strategies (Wholesale/Retail).

Financial clearing - Billing

This is the management of invoicing and billing collection accross all networks.

EV Driver access and payment

eMobility Provider

Multiple Access Method

The solution manages all EV Driver access methods; RFID, Smartphone application, contactless method and Autocharge.

Whitelabel applications

You can provide Smartphone and backend applications on your name, corporate design and identity with our Whitelabel solution.

EV Driver Smart Pricing

Set up price lists with all pricing parameters (e.g. kWh rates, timers, and idle fees, locations…) and apply to different user groups strategically.

Billing - Direct Payment methods

Manage revenure directly by invoicing EV drivers directly from your own credit card account or billing system.

EV charging market model

EV Charging Access model

  • Locate chargers
  • Access any charging network with eRoaming
  • Promotion (e.g. Voucher)
  • Differentiated prices
  • Partner offer
  • Smartphone
  • Plug & Charge
  • RFID
  • Payment Terminal
  • Contactless Web Application

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