Saascharge EV Charging platform

We enable anyone to enter the electric vehicle charging market thanks to an open, scalable & interconnected platform.


Charging station service provider – CSO

Our solution allows companies to create and operate a network of charging stations for communities, retailers or corporate parkings.

eRoaming – Interoperability

Interconnection of charging station networks is essential to allow drivers to charge anywhere and charging station owners to get more utilization.

eMobility Service Provider – EV Driver

Charging solution for EV drivers with a full set of white-label services to create new business models in the charging industry.

How it works

Let’s setup an EV charging station network with Saascharge EV platform services

1. Setup charging stations

a. Start to select the right type of charging station according to your needs. Saascharge is compatible with all charger manufacturer supporting the communication protocol OCPP.

b. Mandate an electrician or a service partner for the installation of your charging station.

c. Register the charging station on our platform and start to create your charging station network.

2. Interconnect your charging stations

With the eRoaming module, you can make your charging station network available to any drivers. You simply have to register in the eRoaming service module and define your pricing. This will increase the utilisation of your charging stations.

3. Offer charging services for EV drivers

The eMobility provider service module enables you to setup a service for EV drivers. With the withe-label suite of services, you can start proposing charging services to your consumers.

What makes us different

Modular Platform

We enable customers to create their own EV charging service integrating any chargers and systems (APIs)

eRoaming Financial clearing solution

Saascharge eRoaming access service to connect any EV charging networks with contracting and financial clearing management

Direct customer engagement

Our solution enables direct customer interaction, increasing revenue through direct billing and enhancing marketing effectiveness with targeted pricing and advertising for specific user groups.

Develop the EV charging market together

Monthly charging transaction on the Saascharge platform

Charging station connected through eRoaming

CPOs and EMPs using the Saascharge EV charging platform

Start today

Start your EV charging solution today with Saascharge’s EV charging platform. Contact us for consultancy and a demo session.