The main objective of Saascharge is to democratize electric vehicle charging. We want to make EV charging available, practical and competitive for every market players! The company has been created by energy, finance and telecommunication experts based on international experiences with Saas (Software as a service) platform services. Electric vehicle charging can only be successful if it is financially viable and this requires expertise in system networking, payment solution and energy.


Saascharge is a suite of software services to manage commercial charging services for electric vehicles. The idea is to allow industry actors such as utilities, restaurant chains or carmakers to become charging market players. This is possible thanks to a modular service platform which includes a set of services to create, operate and bill a charging station network utilisation for new market players. The main differentiator of the platform is an eRoaming solution to interconnect external charging station networks and make electric charging available to any drivers anywhere.

Why Saascharge

Electric vehicle worldwide sales have surpassed 1 million in 2017 and with an annual growth of more than 50%, EV drivers are going to represent a significant amount of drivers on the road. It is therefore essential to ensure sufficient amount of public charging station to travel across, states and countries. The current situation is that there are not enough charging stations and this is due to 2 main reasons:

1. Current business model is not attractive for charging facilities owners

The problem is that the current situation with most of charging stations installed and operated by specialised service providers managing charging revenues is hardly financially viable due to high service-costs for parking owners. As a consequence, the scalability of further charger investments is limited.

2. EV drivers cannot charge anywhere 

There is currently no interconnection of charging networks. It means that drivers have to subscribe to almost 5 networks or use other payment systems to charge anywhere. The problem is due to a concept of closed subscriptions networks from current eMobility providers (EMP). What is obvious in the banking sectors with ATM serving any types of debit cards isn’t yet with public chargers.

Management Team

Richard Albrecht

Richard Albrecht

Founder & CEO

  • 7 years developing electric vehicle service platforms for major utilities in Europe
  • 12 years of innovative product development for the Energy and Telecommunication sector
  • Senior consultant for electric vehicle charging network solutions
Thierry Menager

Thierry Menager

Co-Founder & CTO

  • 16 years experience as Senior developer of comprehensive applications design and development
  • Expert in Financial and insurance industry applications
  • Strong background in OO design/architecture, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, distributed systems, grid computing…
Ryan Adelman

Ryan Adelman


  • Executive with experience working with major energy market players (Centrica) and bringing multi-hundred-million dollar energy businesses to market in North America
  • Business development & corporate strategy for Siemens Mobility & Building Technologies divisions, North America
  • Operational and advisory experience with early-stage technology companies, brining new propositions to market and raising capital 
Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton


  • Founded the consulting firm Better Energies LLC in 2012 to evaluate and uncover high-value business opportunities for clients in the clean energy space
  • Worked as a venture capitalist, engineer and consultant in over a dozen countries for major automotive and energy OEM
  • Former Managing Director of the Center for Sustainable Energy

Investor relation

Saascharge solution has been launched in 2019 and is currently used by multiple clients in North America, Europe and South East Asia with a continuous growth of Electric vehicles and charging stations. Please contact us for more information! With high growth outlooks; Saas platforms for electric vehicle charging are the next revolution in this industry. Let’s develop the market together.