Energy Management

1. API for real-time load management

This capability enables you to change the maximum power output for load balancing in real-time via an API. This can be necessary if you want to limit the load based on the site capacity. Please contact us to discuss your load management project and get your API characteristics.

The maximum power output can be changed dynamically thanks to an API. This means that you can set up a protocol to change this value in kW or Amps to represent the available capacity at the site connection point. The initial value represents the capacity setting per default (at the beginning of the charge). For example, if a charging transaction ends up with a full capacity of 30 kW, the initial value at the next charge will start at the initial value set at 23 kW. Please contact our team directly to integrate this API within your energy management system.

2. Load scheduling

This feature enables you to schedule when the load shall be provided for your site owner’s single or group of chargers (cluster). The program can be done on weekdays and is time-based. This has been developed to comply with the UK regulation that requires private and semi-public chargers to be delivered with an off-peak setup.

The first setup is the capability to set a random delay enabling your charging sessions to start at different times limiting the network to get maximum load usage if all cars are starting a charging session simultaneously. You can afterwards select a fix date or plan week days with the required timing.


3. eRoaming Cost-Plus option

Saascharge is currently offering access to more than 170’000 charging stations that are managed by ~200 different prices. We have created a “Cost plus option” to enable you to set a markup in % on top of the external CPO (charging point operators) price/cost per transaction (kWh, minute or setup…).

You need to select a markup in % in the Retail price list. The price will be calculated on top of the eRoaming Wholesale cost of any CPOs. For example, if the cost of the fast-charging Ionity network is 0.50/kWh, with a markup of 15%, the Retail price for EV drivers would be 0.587/kWh.

4. Price bands – re-utilization

While you are creating multiple price list, it is now possible to use your existing price bands. For example, if you are creating a new price list for a specific group of consumers, you can now use the existing price bands of your standard retail price list. This will save you subsequent time for the creation and management multiple pricelist. For this, you have to select the price list, click “save” and next time you open the created plan you will see all price bands from your selected pricelist.


5. Maintenance partner new role creation

We have created a new role called “Maintenance partner” that you can select in the Administration console. This role gives operational console access to the charging stations assigned to your electricians or engineering partners.

In the administration section, select the Maintenance partner profile and add your maintenance partner (e.g. Electrician, engineering company, system integrator…).

The Maintenance partner will have access to the given chargers. They will have the opportunity to operate and change the configuration of the assigned chargers in the operational console.

6. Charging station mass firmware update

Updating a charging station firmware can take a few minutes. You have now the capability to update all firmware at once thanks to the mass firmware solution.

Select the charging station operator (CSO), the charging station manufacturer (OEM vendor) and the firmware version to update. Add the URL of the newest firmware and click “Update Firmware”. This will automatically update all the chargers with the selected Firmware.


7. Filtering option

A filtering option has been created giving the opportunity for your customers to filter chargers per power output. For example an EV driver could select only fast chager above 100kW while traveling. This upgrade will be rolled out on all applications by mid of February.

See the new icon that has been added to the central map, enabling your users to get the filtering options in one click.

EV drivers can select 4 different category of chargers per power output to display on the map.


8. Support organization upgrade – Direct ticketing option

With the objective to improve our service support, we have linked our support email address with our ticketing system. Please send now all your operational support request to the email address This will directly open a case in our ticketing system.

Please add all necessary information for Saascharge to solve the identified problem. We will directly update the open case (Ticket) created from your email. You will be able to follow the resolution and interact directly with our Support Team.